Little Women Anime (1987)

The whole March family (22 KB)

German: Eine fröhliche Familie
French: Les quatre filles du docteur March
Italian: Una per tutte, tutte per una (Piccole Donne)
Spain: Mujercitas
Japanese: Ai no wakakusa monogatari (Young grass story of love)

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Based on the famous children book Little Women (Part 1, not including Good Wives!) by Louisa May Alcott this 48 episode anime was produced in 1987 by Nippon Animation for Japanese television Fuji TV. In the time between 11. January 1987 - 27. December 1987 the series was aired on a weekly basis as part of the World Masterpieces Theater (WMT).

Personal comment
This anime is one of the best in the World Masterpieces Theater series. The character design is wonderful (see the Picture Gallery) and the animation so lively and full of joy that it was lots of fun to watch each of the 48 episodes. Though the epsiodes start far earlier than the novel (see also differences) the latter episodes are wonderful and often very close adaptions of the chapters of the original novel. (Closer than any movie could be...)


Some Facts

Basic data about this anime including countries where it was aired.

Sound & Music
US, German, French, Italian and original Japanese Opening songs and their lyrics
Episode guide
Short synopsis on each episode including reference to the book. [In progress]
Names and (if possible) pictures of the people who worked on this Anime and who lend their voices to the characters.
Picture Gallery
A small picture gallery with pictures of the main characters.
Goods and Artwork available in Japan
Links about this anime
Other sites that deal with this Little Women anime





German Opening
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Japanese Opening 1
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Italien Opening
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French Opening
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Eyecatcher Spanish Opening
Spanish Opening
Arabian Opening


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