Sound & Music

This page holds all the sound files, lyrics and facts that somehow belong to the Little Women anime. They were originally collected for Project WMTSound

European versions:
The Italian, French and German version of the opening song have all the same melody, but of course different native lyrics. The Germans used this melody for the opening of  the Little Men anime too, the lyrics are different though. The melody is very nice in my opinion!

In Japan the OP/ED changed after the 14th episode, so there are two different openings and endings! I don't know the reason, perhaps the first versions weren't popular enough.

The second OP is especially interesting, as you can hear the Japanese voices of the actors. First Meg, then Jo, Beth and last Amy (The voice actor of Amy also did Shampoo in Ranma1/2 and Jiji in Kiki's Delivery service). This song was also sung twice inside the series and in the German dub they kept the original Japanese melody and just changed the lyrics. (Don't know for the other countries).

Unfortunately the sound quality of the song isn't the best and I could understand only parts of the lyrics. If you can help me out, email me :-)
Btw: You can listen to the american voices of the main characters at Ben's homepage

Other countries:
I don't have songs from other countries. PLEASE contact me of you have another song on tape, video or CD.

Description File Lyrics Size Format Additional info
German OP 1_1987.mp3 html 650 kb mp3 32 kHz, mono
Song from eps ?? someday.wav html 140kb mp3-wav Same melody as Japanese OP No2
French OP 2_1987.mp3 html 2.8 MB mp3  
Italian OP 3_1987.mp3 html 2.8 MB    
US opening song lw_op.wav   120 kb mp3-WAV  
Japanese songs Opening eps 1-14 html 775 kb


Artist info
  Ending esp 1-14  html 1 MB


Artist info
  Opening eps 15-48 html 646 kb


  Ending eps 15-48 html 1 MB mp3  
MIDI of OP1 waka_op.mid   54 kb midi download archiv
MIDI of OP2 kitto.mid   20 kb midi download archiv
MIDI of ED1 lalabai.mid   50 kb midi download archiv
Note: If you need a different format, just ask