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this is the place were I "park" websites and info that I don't know how to present.

Scans and Infos on Manga (b/w-comics) published in Japan

Biggest Fan of Little Men
I finally found the "biggest" fan of the Alcott's novel Little Men. It is the giant Elmar in the WB cartoon "Beanstalk Bunny".

A mailinglist for discussion about LMA and her books is available. Go to http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/lmalcott to subscribe!

A timtetable with important dates in Louisa May Alcott's life.

Referenece: In the Movie "The Road to Wellville (1994) there is a line: "Didn't people say the Alcott's practiced free love?" (This is a re-translation from the German dub, so the actuell sentance may be somehow different) Very probably this is a reference to the Fruitlands Projects.

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