Louisa May Alcott:
Movies, Animations & Alcott in Germany

I initially started this project on Dec 13, 1997 with a German Homepage because Louisa May Alcott and her books are scarcely known here in Germany.

The English pages are designed to provide informations about the various movies and Japanese animations that are based on Louisa May Alcott's works. Some of these adaptions are worth not to just be mentioned in a few words and that's the reason why I created theses pages.

This site holds three main guides (under construction):

Jo The Alcott Movie Guide
All about the movies & TV-series that are based on LMA's works. Including: Little women (1994), Little Men (1997), Little Men series (1998) and of course all the old movies.
(In progress)
Little Women The Alcott Anime Guide
Covers anything that deals with the Japanese animations that are based on Little Women and Little Men.
Incuding: Both Nippon Animation series of the World Masterpieces Theater, Little Women (1981) and the 1980 Little Women video.
Alcott in Germany
a) A visit at Lulu's grave
b) History of German translations
c) Alcott's works in Germany today
Funstuff, trivia but also infos on mailing lists and backgrounds that are not covered by the main Alcott sites in the USA
The German Homepage


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