Little Women (1978)


Meredith Baxter .... Meg March (as Meredith Baxter Birney)
Susan Dey .... Josephine 'Jo' March
Ann Dusenberry .... Amy March
Eve Plumb .... Elizabeth 'Beth' March
Dorothy McGuire .... Marmee March
Greer Garson .... Aunt Kathryn March
Robert Young .... Grandpa James Lawrence
Richard Gilliland .... Theodore 'Laurie' Lawrence
Cliff Potts .... John Brooke
William Shatner .... Professor Friedrich Bhaer
William Schallert .... Jonathan March
Virginia Gregg .... Hannah
Joyce Bulifant .... Mrs. Kirke
John de Lancie .... Frank Vaughn
Carlene Watkins .... Sally Gardiner

Running Time: 200min

Though I called this TV-Movie disrespectly "Star Trek Version of Little Women" because of its actors William Shatner (usually James T. Kirk) and John de Lancie (Q in Star Trek) I really liked it a lot when I saw it. I even had the strong feeling that many ideas for scenes from the 1994 movie with Wynona Ryder originated from this TV-movie...

This movie was shown on a french TV Station in two parts, unfortunately I could only tape the second part *sigh*


Jo and Professor Bhaer Professor Bhaer Jo
Professor Bhaer Professor Bhaer Professor Bhaer
Professor Bhaer and Jo Professor Bhaer Amy
Beth Frank Vaughn Jo and Meg comforting Beth
Aunt March Aunt March Meg
Laurie Laurie Mr. Lawrence
Mr. Lawrence Laurie Frank Vaughn