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Welcome to the Alcott Movieguide. This guide deals with the movies / TV-Series based on novells by Louisa May Alcott. If you're interested in animations/animes based on Alcott novels go to the Animation section.

Did you know? There are (at least) 4 movies and 2 TV-Movies based on the novel "Little Women" and 3 movies and 1 TV series based on Little Men, the latest appeared on May 8, 1998 on the big screen. Click on the picture or the year to go to the corresponding section.

Little Women


Winona Ryder,
Susan Sarandon
Gabriel Byrne
Kisten Dunst
Trini Alvarado
Samantha Mathis
n/a 1970
sorry no info yet
1978 (TV) The Star Trek version ;-)
with William Shatner (aka Kirk),
John DeLancie (aka "Q")
(added screenshots)
1949 Elizabeth Taylor,
June Allyson
Video Cover 1933 Katharine Hepburn
1918 Just the IMDb entry

Little Men

n/a 1998 Little Men TV series

TV Station PAXNet produced
a series based on Little Men

 1997   Chris Sarandon,
Mariel Hemingway
 1935 Just the IMDb entry

The Inhertitance


Meredith Baxter



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