Little Men (1997)

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Please notice: The given award in IMDb is wrong. The award was given to a short film named "Little Man"

Little Men was again adapted for cinema... Release date for theaters in U.S was May 8, 1998, release date for the video in UK June 15, 1998

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Personal comment:

This movie was first shown in 1997 on the Cannes Film Festival but it took a long time after that till it was really released to theaters in the U.S. The release date was backdated from week to week and when it was finally released on May 8, 1998, nearly no promotion was done for it.

When I finally saw it on video, I had the the feeling they were running out of time in every scene. It seems that the producers wanted to stay under the magical 100 minutes border for movies for any circumstance and cutting the movie and the scenes down to this 100 minutes seems to be the main problem. It would be my guess that they filmed and adapted much more of the novel than they finally could use.

Anyway, here my thoughts when I saw the movie:

After all: A nice movie but it doesn't reach the quality of the latest version of Little Women (1994)... although they even tried to imitate the soundtrack of Thomas Newman :-)

Jo & Fritz BhaerCast: Mariel Hemingway (Mrs. Jo), Chris Sarandon (Prof. Bhaer), Michael Caloz (Nat), Ben Cook (Dan)...

Director: Rodney Gibbons

Was shown on the Cannes Festival 1997 (Although not mentioned in IMDb)

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