Little Men (1940)

from left: Jo, Fritz Bhaer, Dan, Dan's father and his friend

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Not truly something I would call an adaption of Louisa May Alcott's Little Men, this movie tells two stories: The adventures of Dan's father after he took money from Mr.Bhaer and Dan's encounters at Plumfield after his "father" left him there.

This movie was inspired by the novel Little Men but the realization is quite free. Even the parts based on the novel are not very close: The German Mr. Bhaer becomes a naiv Swiss and instead of Nat hitting Mr. Bhaer with a ruler it becomes Dan hitting Mrs. Jo with a switch... (just to tell two differences I realized)

Nevertheless, this black & white film is quite amusing and funny and the surprising end made me lough tears.

Naughty Nan Naughty Nan

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