The French Voice Actors

Many many thanks to Frederic! He went through all his magazines to find the names and also scanned all the pictures...

Jo: Laurence Crouzet
Laurence Crouze Laurence Crouzet also also did Hikari in Hikari no densetsu (Die kleinen Superstars)
Beth: Valerie Siclay
Valerie Siclay Valerie Siclay also spoke the french voices of Pollyanna, Nadia and Kaori in Akira
Amy: Aurelie Bruno
Aurelie Bruno Aurelie Bruno also spoke Ermengarde in Little Princess Sara and Charlotte in the NA series 'Charlotte'
James Laurence & Cousin David: Gilles Laurent
Gilles Laurent also the musician in Hikari no densetsu
Mrs March: Evelyne Grandjean
Laurie: Emmanuel Curtil
also Moses in "Prince of Egypt".