1. Little Women (anime) vs Little Women (novel)

After all: Beginning with episode 18 starts an often (but not always) close adaption of the chapters of the book (biggest exception: Chapter 7, see above). Even smallest details like hesitation etc described in the novel are drawn by the animators.

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2. Little Men (Anime) vs Little Men (novel)

(This time Concord stays Concord and is located right)

The invalids Dick and Billy and the stuttering Dolly are missing

Goldilocks (Laurie's daughter) is missing

Nan is introduced in episode 1 and leads as a main character through the series.

Mr. Bhaer tells Nat in episode 21 (refers to chapter 4 in the novel) that his grandmother cured him from telling fibs by giving him some bad tasting medicine. Well, in the novel this sounded a bit more dramatic... (Grandmother -> scissors -> tongue -> ouch!)

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