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Jo.jpg (15KB) Jo March, 15 years old and the wildest of the four girls. She can't see, why everyone wants her to be more "Ladylike".
Amy March, 12 years old and the youngest. amy.jpg (16 KB)
beth2.jpg (12 KB) Beth (13 years) is very shy. She is the good spirit of the family.
Meg March (16 years). She is the oldest meg.jpg (16 KB)


laurie.jpg (32 KB) Laurie (Theodore Laurence, called Teddy by Jo). Grandson of Mr. Laurence, the neighbour of the March family 
Mrs. March (Marmee) marmee2.jpg (18 KB)
aunt.jpg (17KB) Aunt March



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In Japan opened a new site about the anime Little Women. The author, he named himself Ramdas, scanned original cells and put them on his site. Below you find thumbnail pictures of his scans. By clicking on any of these pics you will reach his homepage where you can choose and look at his scans. I think it is unnecessary to mention that I'm a bit jealous that he owns such beautiful cells and I not ^_^.

Btw: Watch the second picture of Jo below and compare it to the picture of Jo on the top of this page.... (Nearly) the same shot, different background :-). The original scene is from episode 1 when Jo leaves the house and runs over Amy.


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