Picture Gallery

Welcome to the Picture Gallery of the anime wakakusa monogatari: nan to jo sensei or Little Men as I like to call it after the origin novel. We start with pictures of the main characters, each picture about 15 KB so hopefully the download time will not be too long. All pictures are scans from the Artbook.

Next picture themes will be: Happy Moments, Sad Moments and Background Art.


Nan Nan or Annie Harding

Wild bunch and main character
in this anime.
Trusts in Dan

Mrs Jo Missis Jo

Jo March, now Jo Bhaer

Nat Nat or Nathaniel Blake

Plays the violine

Dan Dan Keen

Rough boy, firebrand and
protector of Nat

Tommy Tommy Bangs
Asia & Marie-Anne Marie-Anne & Asia
Mr.&Mrs Brooke Mr. and Mrs. Brooke

From left: Marie-Anne, Mr. Bhaer, Mrs. Jo, Daisy, Asia, Nan, Stuffy, Rob, Silas, Teddy

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