Little Women (1981)

Wakakusa Monogatari Yori Wakakusa no Yon Shimai
(Young Grass Story: Four Sisters of Young Grass


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Length: 26 episodes (23 minutes each)
Air Dates: 7 April 1981 - 29 September 1981
Directed by: MIYAZAKI Kazuya

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Since this series never aired in Germany it took very long till we could have a look on it. First we found two single tapes from the USA, then in 2005 a DVD-Box with all 26 epsisodes was sold in France (French dub only) 
In serveral ways this series is more faithful to the novel than the 1987 adaption by Nippon Animation. For instance after beeing beaten by the teacher, Amy is taken off the school, instead of returning to school in the NA version. 

This series can be easily mixed up with the 1980 TV special because the char design of three of four sisters is basical the same. Only Jo is different drawn with curly hair, whereas the 1980 version of Jo has straight hair.

US opening song: us_1981.mp3
US ending song: us_1981e.mp3

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