Sound and Music

Description File Lyrics Format Additional info
German opening song OP html mp3
German closing song ED html mp3 Same as Japanese closing
but with German lyrics
Song from eps 22 Song html mp3 Japanese melody
Italian opening song OP   mp3  
Japanese opening song OP html mp3  
Japanese ending song ED html mp3  
midi-file of the closing dindon.mid   midi download LZH-archiv
dito but different version nanjo_ed.mid   midi download LZH-archiv
Otenki (?) otenki.mid   midi download LZH-archiv
Otenki bsk_otnk.mid   midi download LZH-archiv



Japanese OP - WMV

Japanese ED - FLV German OP - WMV German ED - WMV
Italian OP - AVI Spanish OP - AVI Arabian OP -WMV